As much as i would have loved to
consent to what the poor guy said, I cannot disregard the rants of the
audience against his provocative statement.


presidential aspirant at the Student Union Government level of the
prestigious polytechnic Ibadan (name withheld) said today August 2, 2016
at the manifesto organized to precede the coming general election of
the institution that _he has come in quest for the post to serve the
student and not his parent_. That in response to a question officially
thrown to his impatient mind by the programme moderator.


The question
"if possibly you emerge as the president and you are entangled in a
situation whereby you receive a call notifying you of your sick mother
who urgently needs your attention and concurrently you receive another
call apprising you "f a student presently in need of

attention at the health care center, what will be your move?" seems initially immature but ends up throwing the whole audience in commotion.


The perceptible point here is that we should not be too blinded by our
yearn for victory that we forget to ponder on issues before giving

My department president, executives as well as other
attendees wore a transparent face that obviously describes the
magnanimous tantrum hurled by our antagonistic mind.


I relate with his said 'clause'
as it triggers my sanity to assert the fact that when official duty
interferes with personal or family matter, one has to give dog the bone

and grass to the goat.

As another aspirant would answer, he said; "At
a situation like that, I will certainly ask my vice, welfare director
or any other available personality to proceed to the health center while
I humbly heed my mother's call_*"


I think with the consideration of all unarguable facts, the issue has been resolved with the solution presented above.

Not all questions require the racking of brain for most times a stressed brain gives a weed-like answer.


A mother remains a mother. Official duties remain on their stance.

We don't have to say things we can't do_things not feasible all because of our race to attain power and post.


Best of luck to all aspirants. I remain my humble self "Micheal Ace": your Ace

writer, editorial member at NACOSS, The polytechnic, Ibadan and a reporter at trendy vibes.



Micheal Ace


2nd of August, 2016
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