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Poem of the week


every path has a route
every farts lures a gas
every face gives smiles;
as every step leads to a mile.

who will judge those judges that judged the unjust unjustly?
who is so just in Jos without sleeves of mistakes?
who runs fastest than the clips of it's shadow
or who is 9ice than Toni Payne?

tell me who runs without it's legs and sees without it's eyes?
or whose fingers has not pinched error.
who deserves praises from the flute of all his correctness;
whose flying framing raised no sigh.

just show me who is not an opportunist,
who doesn't have the wrist of Oliver Twist.
because every route is an oath to the legs
because everyone is a planet like Mars.

show me better digger of gold
but who isn't a gold digger?
show me the tomb that accepts only the Poor
without six feet Riched?
who runs more than cheetah?

Isoboye Danagogo... D learning Poet....30.05.16..12.03am
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